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We are Oh_sO_inlOve! [entries|friends|calendar]
We are miles apart but still Oh_sO_inlOve!

I set Out On a narrOw way, many years agO, hOpeing i wOuld find true lOve, alOng a brOken rOad, but i got lOst a time Ot twO, wiped my brOw and kept pushing thru, i cOuldn't see hOw every sign pOinted straight tO yOu, every lOng lOst dream, lead me tO where yOu are, Others that brOke my heart, they were like nOthern starts pOinting me On my way, intO yOur lOving arms, this much i know is true, that gOd blessed the brOken rOad that lead me straight tO yOu

cOmunity 411 lOng distance lOvers friiends

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November 06 2005
6:01pm ]

i was accepted into loveisthebest! click here!

September 05 2005
5:59pm ]

funny, i just joined this community.

and then this happensCollapse )

You sailed Away.... [Tuesday
May 10 2005
10:38am ]

[ mood | drained ]

So you sailed away, into a grey sky morning,
Now i'm here to say, love can be so boring.
Nothin's quite the same now,
I just say your name now.
But its not so bad....
Your only the best i ever had....

What do you do when you can no longer provide for the one person you love the most? Is it still worth the struggle to stay together when you can't be there to hold them, or kiss them, or dry their tears when they cry? I guess the thing is, you have to decide if the times your with them, make up for the times their not....

I truely believe there is ONE person out there for everyone, a perfect match. And when the rare occurance comes when you find that person, you should give all of your will and strength to keep it together...no matter the sacrafice. But the thing is, how do u KNOW that through all the sacrafice it will last?

All i know is that love is as kind as a dove, and sneaky as a serpant. Its every joy, pain, strength, and weakness. It can make your heart grow, or shatter it to pieces at the drop of a tear. But when u find love, and its pure, and strong...you MUST fight to keep it, because in this day and age...love is nothing but an emotion put into effect at the drop of a hat.

Love is more than an emotion. Its staying up until 3 am on the phone because she cant sleep. Or driving to bring her soup when shes sick. Or bringing her chocolate and a carebear when she is sad. Its flying 1,200 miles and spending all your saved money just to see her for 3 days. To me, love is an action. A physical showing of your devotion and loyalty to someone.

And no matter what may happen to it..it will ALWAYS be worth the fight and sacrafice.


you`re all i need. [Monday
May 02 2005
3:14pm ]


as odd as this sounds.. i don`t miss him. i mean, i do, but i`m in this state where i have better things to worry about [aka finals]. does that make sense at all? i cannot wait to see him again- to be coming down the escalator at the airport & see him waiting for me, to run off the bottom & dive straight into his arms, & just know what it`s like to be held by him again. i cannot wait... but at the same time, i don`t miss him so much as i did, say, last year [of course, i was miserable my freshman year anyway, & that probaby just escalated it]. maybe it`s because it`s not so bad anymore- we know what we`re doing, we know how things are, & we know what we have ahead of us. we have our priorities straight with eachother & with our relationship & so we no longer have to worry about things as we did before?

i love him with all my heart. & i can`t wait to be with him again. but for now.. as odd as it is.. i`m content being away. i`m okay.

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April 26 2005
1:55pm ]

[ mood | content ]

sometimes, in the silence the best voices can be understood without a single word.......

what happens when you step out of the comfort zone and attempt to discover something new?....but what happens when that new discovery happens to ruin whats in your comfort zone?

Does distance really make the heart grow fonder? or does it just hurt the heart and make it callus to emotion? all i kno is that for every mile im away from her, thats one more bruise on my heart, and my heart isnt becoming hard, its getting softer........

What happens when influence becomes control? when you think all your doing is trying to keep something from happening, but in the end juz developing the scenario? I've come to the conclusion that love, as strong as it is, is NEVER controlling. it influences the heart to stay faithful and never hurt....so why do we try so hard to avoid it when we know what love will do...protect.

Its obvious "IM IN LOVE", i have been since November 11, 2003. and not a day passes that that very love doesnt remind me of how lucky i am. Sure, there are obsticles in my presence, but ultimately, a wall is just a wall...and it CAN be broken down. And its said time is of the essence, but i dont understand why everyone is trying to slow it down...im trying to make it faster!

Pain is the brains reaction to something the body wants to reject from its natural state. When something is said, or done to the body which it doesnt like, it rejects it, and is expressed in the form of pain, a very displeasing feeling both physicaly and emotionally. But i think there is another side to it. I think the heart, like any other thing in the body, is an organ, and pain is its way of exercising. Whenever we feel pain, it makes the heart a little stronger. Thing is though, my heart is getting stronger....but when i see her face on a pictutre, or hear one of our songs, its gets weaker, and softer.

Im not weak, or fragile. In fact im a rather strong guy, physically and emotionally. But there is ONE single thing that every person is weak to. You could say its my "kryptonite", or rather SHE is my "kryptonite", and that NOT a bad thing..rather its a great thing. I am strong when i have to be, but

I have my shelter during my storms in life, and its found in her arms. I have my comfort zone no distance can tear apart, its found in her eyes. And i KNOW true love and inspiration for life and happiness....thats in her kiss.

And no matter the strength i have, she can make me stronger, and take me to my knees. She is my equilibrium, the "ying" to my "yang". My nirvana....in essence, she really is my everything. and thats not obsession or controll.....rather....its just love.


April 25 2005
2:11pm ]

[ mood | calm ]

Have u ever known your destiny?
Known what its like to feel the sensation of wholeness and complete happiness?
Have u ever just been able to lie down in bed and know that when u close your eyes, your going to wake up with the opne person who can make u smile no matter how bad the day was, is, or will be?

I know my destiny, i know my lifes goal and purpose. i dont know all the details, but the ultimate picture of life i have, ive dreamt it, i have it. I know what the utimate lifes purpose is for me, what im destined to do, and what will drive me through my years.

It brings me happiness, fullfillment, joy, and a feeling only describable in my heart. Its wakes me up on the worst days and brings light into my darkest times.

Sure, there are times when life throws curves at me, and until about a year an 1/2 ago, i was hit by every-single one of those pitches...HARD! But now, i see whats being thrown, and with the love that i have and the knowladge of my destiny, i can face them head on and dodge all of them.

I know that no matter what obsticles which come my way, i can overcome them without any hesitation. i can climb high, fly high, and acconmplish the impossible knowing my destiny is right their staring right back at me.

Time is a tricky thing, patience is a virtue, and both together can make for a concoction for disaster. with distance as a catilyst, and pain as a bi-product, it wears away at the heart. I have protection from the worst, with the knowing of its outcome.

Most of you may have no clue what im talking about...but one person should.....and i hope she reads this.......
because SHE is my destiny.

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April 12 2005
11:42pm ]

[ mood | bouncy ]

this cOmmunity is friends Only
so nO drama is started
fill Out the app. and see if your accepted.
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April 12 2005
11:04pm ]

[ mood | excited ]


fill out an application and come join us if you are in a long distance relationship and are madly in love, and looking for ppl who understand and support what u are doing.

your MODS, jami and roger


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